International Conference On Opioids (ICOO)

Thank you for visiting the International Conference On Opioids website.

The shifting sands of opioid prescription here in the US and around the globe combined with the pandemic have made it challenging to plan our next conference. That said, we appreciate the daily calls to our office inquiring about this conference. The support is gratifying and it confirms there is definite need for a serious conference on opioids.

We need your help. Please take a couple of minutes and jot down three items. First, what concept, skill or theme would you like us to focus our next conference on? Second, where do you see the field of opioid prescription in the next 5 years? Third, would you be interested in joining a conference committee to bring forth the next event?  Please send your notes to the Journal of Opioid Management e-mail box at jom (at) pnpco (dot) com.  Your input is critical and thank you for your dedication.

If you are looking for CMEs, please visit for a comprehensive set of presentations on buprenorphine. This interesting opioid is getting a new look in pain management because of its unique set of properties!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at jom (at) pnpco (dot) com or via phone at 781-899-2702 Ext 108, 114,  Monday through Friday, 8:30am -5:00pm EDST. Thank you!